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Waste is a failure of the imagination. A lack of courage, a support of mediocrity.

We hate to see dumb things done in the name of the status quo. Waste is a waste and Garbologie will change the world to get rid of it. Garbologie is a business in Perth, Western Australia. It is a business to disrupt waste management and create a world without waste. To create a network of waste entrepreneurs.

Right now – we are dealing with mattresses.

In Western Australia we dump 170,000 mattresses in landfill each year. That’s 85,000 cubic metres of space. That’s huge. Massive. And we have chosen to see it as an awesome opportunity…

Do you have a mattress you need to get rid of?

We recycle mattresses, tearing them down into their components. Selling those components to recyclers. As much as we can. Trying always to sell more stuff on. We don’t recycle everything yet, but that’s the end point.

What are we recycling from mattresses?

We sell steel springs as scrap metal and foam for remanufacture to carpet underlay. We also separate out coir (coconut fibre) and kapok padding because we reckon we can find markets for these components. We take timber from bed bases and turn it into our Product of Garbologie line of furniture, with all excess being mulched by timber recyclers. Watch as we go.

We don’t have the whole answer. Yet. These are our first step towards a world without waste.


Glass Recycling

Plastic Collection

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